Advantages of work with CITeXchange

Service costs

Efficient tool for investment promotion and establishing business links via the Internet in the real-time mode.

CITeXchange languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian, - this significantly enlarges and internationalizes the audience of potential partners.

Working with CITeXchange, the initial stage of interaction (data exchange) is realized between project proposals, rather than between users themselves, that contributes to impartial selection of project proposals.

Twenty-for-hour access to CITeXchange via the Internet from any country worldwide.


Specialized environment to work with investment projects: search, research, comparison and analysis, communication, experience presentation, publications, library, advertising project proposals, etc.

Efficient tool to promote partnership between the members of investment process and to find necessary resources, including financial.

Exclusive tool for intermediation and consulting in the area of investment and innovative activity.

Unique e-environment to carry out marketing research and to schedule new directions of development.

Unified format of project proposal presentation, which corresponds with the selected project type; this speeds up the research needed and the decision making process.


A User coordinates his/her project proposals via the Internet by him-/herself, according to the chosen Service Package:

  • selects interesting project proposals into the basket
  • looks through accessible fields of project proposals
  • adds his/her new project proposals
  • changes his/her project proposals that already exist
  • deletes his/her project proposals
  • compares the accessible project proposals by fields according to the conditions of the chosen Service Package
  • evaluates project proposals of other users and keeps up with the rating of his/her own
  • sends a partnership proposal to other projects
  • accepts or declines a partnership offer from other projects
  • exchanges information with other projects-partners


A User may:

  • independently manage personal data and subscriptions to thematic e-mail alerts and news,
  • have access to information about a project owner and his/her contact information according to the chosen Service Package,
  • have access to the 24/7 e-Forum of the investment process participants, registered on CITeXchange,
  • have access to the system of CITeXchange publications and CITeXchange Internet library,
  • work with all types of project proposals according to the chosen Service Package during one session,
  • work as an investor/donor and a subject of investment/financing in one person at the same time.


An advanced search tool is available for users with respect to a project type and according to the conditions of the chosen Service Package.

Twenty-four-hour project proposal advertising to be viewed by a wide range of potential partners.

E-environment available only for registered users of CITeXchange - the Investment Project Internet-Exchange.

Brief information about project proposals is accessible for hundreds of millions of Internet users.

Many other advantages due to unified forms, work in the specified environment and via the Internet.