CITeXchange ExIm

New web-facility CITeXchange ExIm to promote trade and economic cooperation with Ukraine

In addition to existing resource CITeXchange Invest - Internet-exchange of project proposals and investment/ financing offers, a new web-facility CITeXchange ExIm is launched on the Web to promote trade and economic cooperation between Ukraine and respective countries, and within Ukraine as well.

FREE services available

CITeXchange ExIm's multilingual interface (English, Russian and Ukrainian) enables users from Ukraine and from around the World in real time mode to publish, keep track and manage their proposals with regard to:

  • sell-buy products and/or services within Ukraine,
  • export-import products and/or services.

Users have also access to the following services

  • extended search of required products and/or services,
  • comparing most likely other user proposals selected to basket,
  • receiving counteroffers with regard to their products and/or services from other users,
  • making own counteroffers with regard to other user products and/or services,
  • monitor supply of and demand on products and /or services,
  • order public poll, participate in thematic forums, etc.

CITeXchange ExIm system is capable to provide any institution, organization or company with a great opportunity to establish their web-based multi- or bilateral Trade(export-import) Promotion Office accessible 24/7 from their own web-site. Linking customer's web-site to combined advantages of CITeXchange Invest and Exim applications can dramatically enhance business efficiency due to the advantages of integrated web-based Investment and Trade Promotion Office.

Interested institutions, organizations and companies (Ukrainian and foreign) are invited for cooperation within joint projects and programs to promote mutually beneficial investment and trade cooperation between Ukraine and respective countries.

Looking forward for fruitful cooperation
Your sincerely,

Mykhaylo Magal, Ph.D.

CITeXchange system author and co-producer,
Coordinator of CITeXchange Programme