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Service costs

Procedure of a new CITeXchange User registration and activation of the chosen Service Package

  1. Enter CITeXchange and register as a new User.

  2. Enter CITeXchange Billing System.

  3. Prepare and print the invoice, as well as pay it, if another payment procedure is not foreseen (e.g., within a Limited Offer).

  4. During 48 hours following the reception of payment the adequacy of User's data in the CITeXchange list and the pay documents will be verified, and the User will be connected to CITeXchange services according to the conditions of the chosen Service Package, what s/he will be notified of to the address, that was indicated in the CITeXchange Invoice Preparation System.

Problem questions concerning the access to CITeXchange and corresponding functions of the system, please, send to the E-mail address
As for selling Service Packages, getting additional services and payment terms, please, turn to the E-mail address
Your cooperation proposals, if any, please, send to the E-mail address
During three days the User notifies the CITeXchange administrator about termination of using CITeXchange services to the E-mail address or with a letter by the fax (044) 2532860

To promote protection of copyrights and intellectual property rights of the User or of individuals and entities, which have appointed the User to register their proposals in CITeXchange database, the registration of the User and of each Project proposal is being executed separately (including information on owners of investment objects and financial resources).

In addition, if the User does not wish his Project proposal to be viewed by those CITeXchange Users, who have registered their proposals in the same project subgroup, s/he has a possibility to activate appropriate checkbox in her/his Project proposal to fulfill her/his wish.