CITeXchange Virtual Investment Office

Service costs

Virtual Investment Office (CITeXchange: VIO) is a new style of managing the portfolio of investent, social and innovative projects based on information technologies and advantages of the Internet. CITeXchange: VIO was realized on the basis of CITeXchange architecture.

CITeXchange: VIO is always in the jungle of information flows of the Internet, fulfils its functions on 24/7 basis and traces all the events and alterings in project proposals registered on CITeXchange in the real-time mode.

CITeXchange: VIO is Your reliable information source of the interest in Your project proposals of both the Ukrainian and foreign members of the investment market.


Virtual Investment Office implies

  • Creating an off- and on-line manageable electronic portfolio of Your project proposals, that is compatible with CITeXchange database.
  • On-line creating and editing a database of Your project proposals via the Internet.
  • All types of projects are accessible simultaneously: for-profit, non-for-profit and innovative (demand and supply).
  • Three-language interface: English, Ukrainian, Russian
  • The structure of electronic project forms based on the world best practices (to a great extent of the EU, USA and Japan) in formulating for-profit, non-for-profit and innovative projects.
  • Dynamic generation of forms for presenting the information on project proposals depending on special field options of the database, for example, table layout according to a project duration, etc.
  • Possibility to manage access of other users to the information on Your proposals.
  • 24/7 targeted advertising of Your projects.
  • An opportunity to create a database of Your projects off-line with further downloading of the information into CITeXchange database as an additional service.
  • Professionally organized data transfer encoding and security systems.
  • On-line data editing.
  • Saves Your time. Searching and comparing selected project proposals in seconds.
  • Evaluating projct proposals of other users and keeping up with the rating of Your own.
  • Automatic system for establishing partnership among the owners of project proposals.
  • Automatic system of subscription to news, available for users on-line.
  • Mobility. Accessibility from any part of the world, where the Internet is available.
  • Professional programming and technical support.
  • Increased monthly number of Your project proposals: up to 150 per month.
  • Monthly maintenence cost of each additional project proposal is considerably decreased as compared to other Service Packages.
  • Non-limited number of other CITeXchange user projects viewed in Your basket.
  • Non-limited number of revisions or replacements of Your projects.
  • On-line accessible invoice preparation and client's personal data systems, payment history.
  • SSL encoded on-line secure CITeXchange user's personal and billing data management using.
  • Free publication of Your news on CITeXchange home page and Your articles in the section of publications.

We respect Your time. Your progress is our success.

We constantly work on CITeXchange improvement to provide favourable conditions for efficient work of our clients and their prosperity.