CITeXchange General Terms and Conditions of Use

Service costs

1. Definitions

CITeXchange is the e-environment accessible via the Internet using three-language interface (English, Ukrainian and Russian), where

the owners (investors/donors/innovation-seekers and investee/grantee/innovation-providers)

of various types of projects (for-profit, non-for-profit, innovative accordingly)

have opportunity in accordance with the subscribed Service Package to 1) produce/change their project proposals thanks to the specifically designed CITeXchange e-forms, 2) view project proposals of other Users, 3) register their proposals in CITeXchange database for sharing with other Users, 4) compare proposals, 5) initiate and establish partnerships with other CITeXchange project proposals, 6) utilize various CITeXchange on-line service tools for decision making.

The three-language user interface (English, Ukrainian, and Russian) provides wider audience of decision makers with access to CITeXchange database and services.

Guest - any individual or legal entity representative visiting

User - any individual or legal entity, who has registered to the access of CITeXchange databases and services, and has paid at least the monthly fee corresponding to one of the Service Packages above.

Additional Services - the services for the registered CITeXchange User, which are not among the services available within the actual Service Package, but which are important for the User. This services have to be paid additionally.

Project proposal - the information on any type of the User's project and/or offers, which is deployed and registered in CITeXchange database using the appropriate CITeXchange e-forms.

Types of CITeXchange project proposals:

    For-profit proposals
  • Offers of investment and financial institutions
  • Project proposals soliciting for investment and financing
    Non-for-profit proposals
  • Offers of foundations and technical assistance programs
  • Proposals soliciting for support
    Science and technology solutions, know-hows
  • Calls for science and technology solutions, know-hows
  • Offers of science and technology solutions, know-hows

Partnership offer alerts - any project proposal has opportunity to suggest partnership to another project proposal through sending direct message to the project (if this service is accessible within the subscribed Service Package). The partnership may be accepted or kindly declined.

ID and Password process - a User Name (ID) combined with a Password is entered by the User at subscription form and allows the User to connect to, identify himself, and get access to CITeXchange databases and services according to the subscribed Service Package.

Password - a personal code chosen by the User (6 digits minimum), which allows him to connect to, identify her-/himself and use CITeXchange.

Intermediary Agent - a person or entity, who is registered as the CITeXchange User representing the interests of his/her mandators. To be entitled to the status of Intermediary agent the User has to prove his/her eligibility to represent the interests of his/her mandators and receive the special permission of CIT for doing this at CITeXchange.

Payments - this notion includes registration fee, subscription fee for a certain period of time and additional services payment.

2. Services by CITeXchange

  • User and Proposal registration using the special CITeXchange e-forms and procedure
  • Access to CITeXchange database
  • Access to the advanced CITeXchange database search tool
  • Add/change for-profit and/or non-for-profit project proposals, and/or innovative solutions
  • Add/change investment/financing offers and/or the calls for innovative solutions
  • On-line facilitation of the proposal formulation process using CITeXchange e-forms, which correspond to the selected type of proposal
  • Maintenance of proposals in CITeXchange on-line database
  • Compare proposals
  • Advertising project proposals at
  • Access to the viability-rating-monitor of CITeXchange proposals. The viability-rating averages all expert evaluations of the proposal under concern, which were made by CITeXchange Users. Owners of proposals are not allowed to evaluate their proposals.
  • CITeXchange news subscription service and access to the subscription manager
  • Forum
  • Library
  • Publications
  • Partnership offer alerts

All CITeXchange services are subject to the type of the subscribed Service Package.

3. Important notice

By signing the Purchase Order Form, or by registering on-line for CITeXchange services, any User expressly and entirely accepts these General Terms and Conditions of Use.

The terms contained in the Purchase Order Form, Service Package Content and Rates along with those of the Price List, are an integral part of these General Terms and Conditions of Use.

Both Users and Project Proposals are being registered in CITeXchange database with respect to intellectual property and all other rights of CITeXchange Users and/or their mandators (if any).

The Centre for Innovative Technologies (CIT) makes accessible to other CITeXchange Users the project proposal information registered in CITeXchange database in accordance with their Service Package privileges. Users have full access to their own project proposals. The User can view project proposals of other Users after s/he has registered at least one his/her own project proposal at CITeXchange. The expiration of Service Package causes the termination of access to ALL (including additional) projects and services of CITeXchange at any time without any special notification of the User.

CITeXchange Users may wish to be registered as the local, national, regional or international Intermediary Agent of CITeXchange services. This status may be granted by CIT, if they meet specific requirements and if written permission of CIT for doing so using CITeXchange is issued.

4. Use of CITeXchange Service Packages

The User is being provided with access to the project proposal information of other Users, which are registered in CITeXchange database, according to the privileges of the chosen Service Package. The service is available to all users who have executed the subscription Purchase Order Form. The use of the subscribed Service Package privileges shall come into effect at last 48h00 following the payment reception and after CIT confirmation. The right granted to a User to use CITeXchange services might not be assigned or transferred.

The Service Package is a monthly subscription effective at the date of payment. The service may be purchased for the following subscription periods: months, quarter, half a year, one year.

The User may change privileges of his/her Service Package, but for the next months and after the User has filled in the Service Package Change Form and sent it to CIT. CIT grants, and the Users accept a non-exclusive right to use CITeXchange database and services under these General Terms and Conditions of Use.

CIT reserves the exclusive right to provide the Users with access to the project proposals, registered in CITeXchage database, according to the privileges of the chosen Service Package.

5. Access to CITeXchange

Any User may access CITeXchange once s/he has received a confirmation of the registration from CITeXchange administrative service.

After the confirmation of the registration and payment receipt the User will have access to CITeXchange services via the server. The User connects from his/her computer to CITeXchange by telephone, ISDN, cable or satellite connection via the Internet.

The User acknowledges that the efficiency of mostly depends on the characteristics of his/her workstation and modem and on the selected connection mode. S/he declares being well informed about the characteristics and about the type of the network that s/he uses to connect to The selected network is the Internet; the User is aware of the data transfer efficiency and time of this network.

CITeXchange services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, subject to any possible breakdowns, maintenance operations necessary to the smooth operation of the service, force majeure circumstances or events beyond CIT control, including events related to the public telecommunication services, other servers or databases, accessed via

6. Use of Password:

The User Password gives access to all the functions selected by the User depending on the Service Package chosen.

The Password is personal and confidential. The User undertakes to protect the components of his/her Password and not to disclose it in any form whatsoever.

Any use of the Password shall be under the entire responsibility of the User.

7. Information Sources:

    a. CITeXchane database:
  • The information gathered in CITeXchange database is a selection of information on Users' project proposals intended to be accessible by other CITeXchange Users according to the selected Service Packages. The User adds/edits/removes his/her project proposals personally via the Internet using the appropriate CITeXchange tools, which are accessible on-line after the User is logged in. CITeXchange database constitutes a selection, but not a complete list of all User's projects available. All information is not exhaustive and does in no event constitute a legal reference.
    b. CITeXchange News and Alerts system and E-mail service:
  • CITeXchange news and alert systems are dedicated to the Users having Silver or higher subscription. It allows the User to be automatically informed about the news, partnership offers or other events that match his/her own interest.
  • Any time CIT considers it relevant, the User will receive an E-mail notification to his/her E-mail address provided.
  • For additional security reasons, an eligible User will receive partnership offer alerts with access to CITeXchange database only.
As a User You accept and agree:
  • to respect intellectual property and all other rights of other CITeXchange Users and of CIT.
  • not to ask any questions of racist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, defamatory or sexist nature or anything that is contrary to the law in general.

You benefit from a non-exclusive right to access the information provided by CITeXchange Users in their project proposals for your personal making decision needs. If a User is not registered with CIT as an Intermediary Agent of CITeXchange services, all other use is subject to written authorization of the project proposal registrants. Without such authorization, the information may not be communicated, duplicated or given to anyone, freely or for payment.

8. Ownership of information

CITeXchange services are provided by the Centre for Innovative Technologies (CIT). CITeXchange database and tools, and the Web-address are owned by CIT.

The information that is contained in a certain project proposal is the copyright of the registrant of this project proposal.

The information accessible via is protected by the copyright and intellectual property rights. The use of any information selected by the User at is restricted by specific rights with respect to viewing, digital archiving, printing, reproduction and distribution by E-mail, or other rights attached to the file from which the information and/or the ad is extracted.

The User undertakes to read, to comply with, and to cause all Users connecting to through his/her account to read and to comply with the terms of use of each file.

All rights granted to the User are done so exclusively for private use by the User's personnel, on its premises and for its own requirements, and any provision to third parties is excluded, even to a subsidiary company or a member of a legal or de facto group. They may not be sublicensed, transferred or assigned by the User to anyone and in any form whatsoever. The User undertakes to use the information and/or contacts obtained using CITeXchange service only in the normal course of business, and any redistribution, re-circulation or publication thereof shall be excluded. The User may not assign, duplicate or transfer the said information and/or contacts. The User acknowledges and accepts that and/or the CITeXchange database producers keep all rights, titles and interest under the copyright legally applicable to the information obtained from

9. CIT Warranty

In this relation, CIT is limited to helping users to access opportunities and services of CITeXchange system and maintenance of CITeXchange.

CIT does not grant any warranty with respect to the information and/or contacts provided by CITeXchange database, partners' and experts' database and other databases, via

In particular, CIT is not bound to any warranty concerning their content, their suitability for the User's specific search, their existence and accessibility via or otherwise, or their exhaustive nature.

CIT is not responsible if the User application is not selected for partnership to one of the proposal proposed in our database. CIT also disclaims any warranty if the User misses a partnership offer alert.

CIT is not responsible in case of lack of answers or lack of proposals in CITeXchange database.

In no event may CIT's liability be sought, on any basis whatsoever, for any prejudice or damage suffered or incurred by the User on account of CITeXchange, including, without limitation, any loss of data, damage to the operability of any hardware or software, or loss of profit.

CIT also disclaims any warranty with respect to the telecommunication services used to connect to and to process data transmission, and with respect to any use of subsequent to the disclosure, loss or theft of an Password.

CIT has no control over the content of the information provided and is not responsible for the information exchange between the Users. CIT cannot be held liable for the use or content of this information. Nor can CIT be held liable for failure to abide by the laws of the country to which the information is delivered.

The personalized expertise provided by our experts, shall, under no circumstances, be considered a substitute for professional services. The expertise provided is for information only and is not intended to be comprehensive or a substitute for competent legal advice.

10. User's liability

Any User acknowledges that s/he is responsible for the content of the information that was entered by her/him into CITeXchange database. It is her/his exclusive responsibility to install, maintain and control the technical configuration required to connect to and use CITeXchange services.

The User acknowledges that he is exclusively responsible for the selection of files, search criteria, information and/or contacts, their fitness for a particular purpose, and the use s/he makes of them, CIT being released from any liability in this respect.

In any case, the User acknowledges that he is exclusively responsible for any use of the Password from his/her account, in particular in the event that CITeXchange is accessed subsequently to the disclosure, loss or theft of an User Password.

11. Maintenance

CIT may briefly interrupt CITeXchange service for maintenance purposes.

The User acknowledges and agrees that and/or CITeXchange service may be interrupted briefly for maintenance operations as described above and waives any claim in this respect.

12. Service package content and rates

Service Package content, rates and discounts are available at

CIT reserves the right to revise the content and its rates and discounts at any time.

The Users acknowledge that any change to the content, rates and discounts takes effect as soon as it is posted at

13. Connection costs

Any User may connect to via an Internet link. CIT does not provide any hardware, telephone installation, terminal, consumable or other equipment, or software.

Whatever the type of connection, the costs relating to the connection and data transmission from the User's terminal to the server shall be borne by the User, along with any sum, fee, subscription, tax or other charge, which may be required by access providers to the telecommunication networks connecting the Users to

14. Invoicing and payment terms

The Service Package subscriptions are payable by bank transfer.

In the event of a dispute as to the amount of a particular invoice, the parties agree on the following procedure:

- the User shall notify his/her claim by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within 15 days of receipt of the contested invoice, to:

The Centre for Innovative Technologies, CITeXchange, P.O.Box 101, Kyiv, 01024, Ukraine.

In the event of terminating the use of CITeXchange system on the User's own initiative all the payments, that have been made by that moment, will not be paid back to the User, if CIT does not terminate the access of the User to CITeXchange databases and services with the respect to the chosen Service Package.

In the event of choosing another Service Package, the rest of the money on the User's account will be restructured, if the adequate sum is available.

15. Termination

The User and/or Project Proposal registration may be rightfully terminated by CIT in the event of failure, even partial, to pay by its due date any one invoice, or failure to comply with any one of these General Terms and Conditions of Use.

Termination of the service shall arise rightfully and require no formalities, in the event that an official notice sent by CIT to the User by way of a registered letter with recorded delivery has remained without effect for eight days, notwithstanding any actual deposit or offer made after the above period.

16. "Force Majeure"

CIT shall be exempt from any obligation to make CITeXchange available in Force Majeure circumstances. Force Majeure circumstances comprise any event normally unforeseeable, insurmountable and external, such as war, riot, fire, Act of God, strike or interruption of activity by other database producers, telecommunications services and/or employees of CIT.

Should CIT be delayed by more than 30 consecutive days in the performance of its obligation to provide CITeXchange service required hereunder due to a Force Majeure event, the User may terminate his/her registration for the service upon the registered notice with recorded delivery if the failure has not been remedied for more than 8 days as from the receipt of the said notice.

17. Right of Access to Personal Files

Any User may require CIT to communicate his/her personal information and may have it corrected, should the need arise. For this purpose, any User may contact CIT by post at:

The Centre for Innovative Technologies, CITeXchange, P.O.Box 101, Kyiv, 01024, Ukraine.

18. Changes

Considering the evolving offer of the database producers, CIT reserves the right to change, without prior notice, the structure and amount of CITeXchange services offered, which is agreed to by the User. The General Terms and Conditions of Use available on-line prevail over the printed General Terms and Conditions of Use.

CIT reserves the right to change, without prior notices, these General Terms and Conditions of Use, by sending a message to the User on the home page of

19. Miscellaneous

The Users undertake to notify to CIT by a written notice any change concerning their situation, including change of address or new bank details.

CIT may, at any time, transfer or assign, in any way whatsoever, CITeXchange service, along with the User's registration thereto, on the sole condition, for CIT, of notifying the User of this transfer or assignment via an informative message displaying upon connection to The User acknowledges and accepts such transfer or assignment in advance.

The User authorizes CIT to use his/her Name as a user of CITeXchange service, in the event that the User is a legal entity.

20. Governing Law - Jurisdiction

Ukrainian law and international law (if applicable) governs these General Terms and Conditions of Use.