What is CITeXchange?

Brochure "CITeXchange" (PDF,150Kb)

Service costs

CITeXchange - is the real-time e-environment with the integrated database having three-language interface (English, Ukrainian and Russian) accessible through the Internet, where registrators (investee/grantee and investors/donors) of various types of projects (for-profit, non-for-profit, innovative) have an opportunity to

  • add/edit/delete their project proposals,

  • place information about their proposals according to the chosen Service Package in the unique format (for a particular type of a project),

  • use CITeXchange tools for

    • exchanging information with other projects registered in the database,
    • studying project proposals registered at CITeXchange on-line,
    • evaluation possibilities of providing or getting investment,
    • fast comparison of project proposals of a chosen project type,
    • searching for partners, finance, investment recipients, etc.

The investment project Internet-exchange - CITeXchange - is the next step in promoting enterprise and investment complex development in Ukraine, which was initiated in cooperation with United Nations Development Programme in Ukraine within the Project in Support to Small and Medium Enterprises Development in Ukraine. One of the implementing agencies of this project is the Organization Gromadyanska Initsiatyva (OGI) International.

CITeXchange is the project of the Centre for Innovative Technologies (Kyiv), that is being implemented in cooperation with Softline (Ukraine) company within the Programme "Internet Bridge PARTNERSHIP FOR DEVELOPMENT", which was piloted and is being coordinated by the Organization Gromadyanska Initsiatyva (OGI) International.

CITeXchange is the innovative instrument for establishing business contacts, searching for investments and investment recipients, allocating financial resources, distributing information about Your investment projects, providing on-line information exchange among the members of the investment process, that are registered at CITeXchange, and for decision making in the field of investment activity as well.

Access to CITeXchange via Internet provides users with a unique opportunity to respond to market changes or society needs, and to monitor the information about Your project proposals in the database without intermediaries at any time, from any point of the Earth where Internet access is available.

Three language CITeXchange interface gives an opportunity to enlarge and internationalize significantly the audience of the investment process, that in turn will increase the chances for success of the Internet project exchange users. The content of the information that is placed in CITeXchange database is under responsibility of the registered users who have added project proposals.

The format of adding project information into CITeXchange database is the result of long-term analytic work carried out by the Centre for Innovative Technologies, that corresponds with the decisions on presenting such information in the USA, European Union, Ukraine and NIS.

The distinctive feature of CITeXchange Project is that it was designed and is implemented by Ukrainian enterprises, and exceptionally due to Ukrainian investment.

All the available information about project proposals and their registrators will be accessible for registered users according to the Service Package they have chosen. Registration of project proposals and CITeXchange services are chargeable; their amount and price depend on the chosen Service Package. Registration of project proposals is fulfilled if they do not conflict with CITeXchange General Terms and Conditions of Use.

With the purpose of protecting the copyright and intellectual property rights of individuals and legal entities, who may be presented by the registered user of the Internet-exchange, at CITeXchange there is registration of a user, as well as of every his/her project proposal, including the information about the real managers of financial resources or investment recipients.

Project proposals can be registered at CITeXchange by all subjects of investment, mentioned in the Law of Ukraine on the Investment Activity.

On 28 June 2003 the 1st version of the investment project Internet-exchange was successfully completed and from now on CIT provides access to CITeXchange via Internet. The launch was devoted to the Day of Constitution of Ukraine.