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Solutions for strategy planning, management and monitoring based on ICT.
CITeXchange - the investment project Internet-exchange: project proposals and investment/financing offers.
Efficient cooperation with European Union due to EuroLinks Project.
Projects development according to UNIDO.
Institution and business management from the EU and USA experience.
Trainings according to UN technique.

Corporate Electronic Strategy Planning, Management and Monitoring Systems based on computer network.
System configurations: Public Administration, Service Enterprise, Industrial Company.
On-line rating assessment and public opinion poll systems for Your web-site.
Corporate information web systems for collecting and systematizing the e-data of a special format from the local network or/and the Internet.

24/7 On-line investment project Internet-exchange CITeXchange.
Project types: profit, non-for-profit and innovative scientific solutions (demands and offers).
EuroLinks Project.
Strategy Planning for Local Sustainable Development Programme.
Workshops and trainings.

Project design according to UNIDO recommendations.
Types of projects: infrastructure, industrial, agricultural, tourism, mining.
Levels of analysis: Opportunity study or Feasibility study.
Consulting and expert support in project management and monitoring according to the rules of UN system and other international organizations.

Collection and analysis of worldwide best practices in the area of public administration and enterprise management. Formulation of recommendations for preventing or resolving typical problems of a customer on this base.

Strategy planning in public administration. EU and US experiences.
Strategy planning in enterprise management. EU and US experiences.
Integration of sustainable development principles into the sectoral development strategies of the government.
Application of computer systems to corporate or sectoral strategy planning, management and monitoring.
Advanced management instruments. Review of worldwide experiences on application of the management instruments.
Transforming economic and social development programs into sustainable development strategies.
UNIDO software solutions on designing investment projects.
How to work with CITeXchange - the investment project Internet-exchange?

Designing action plans for transforming local economic and social development programs
into local sustainable development strategies (5 days).
Designing a public relations strategy (4 days).
Designing a strategy for investment potential development (5 days).
Designing a strategy for science and technology potential development (5 days).
Designing an investment project according to UNIDO recommendations (5 days).
Designing business plans for enterprises. US experience. (5 days).
Designing marketing strategies for enterprises. US experience case studies (5 days).
Designing web-strategies for institutions and enterprises. US experience case studies (5 days)


Advanced strategy planning and management technologies. Strategy elements. Realization instruments.
Technique for launching Your own business. Choosing the organizational legal form.
Effectiveness evaluation of an enterprise, institution or organization. Advanced instruments and indicators. United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) methodology.
Project development according to UNIDO.
Opportunities for participation of Ukrainian and NIS enterprises, institutions or organizations in the EU programs.
How to develop project proposals for receiving a grant? Existing software solutions.
How to develop business plans? Existing software solutions.
How to develop marketing plans? Existing software solutions.
How to develop Web-strategies? Existing software solutions.
Raising competitiveness of project proposals, plans or strategies.
Carrying out reengineering for inefficient enterprises, institutions and organizations. Stages. Instruments.
Existing UN training techniques.
How to work with CITeXchange - the investment project Internet-exchange?